Your alarm system will come with whats called an onboard dialler.

We connect the dialler to either the PSTN (normal land line) or IP Module or a GPRS Module.


How it works - the intruder system (in an alarm state) will open the phone line and send messages back to base on the land line using your telco provider. These calls will be charged on your phone bill. In the event of multiple false alarms your phone bill will incur these charges. Plus the monitoring fee and line rental is something you have to consider. Added together can sometimes cost over $350 - $400 per quarter.

If you have a false alarming device the bill would be higher.

IP Module

This device plugs onto the alarm system. This takes the alarm off of the phone line and either back to base or back to your mobile phones through an app. (a far cheaper option)

You would get control over the alarm system through the app to remote arm and disarm and control doors / garage doors ect.

GPRS Module

Again this device plugs into your existing system and reports back to base wirelessly through the Telstra / Optus towers. This is a high security measure and CHEAPER than a PSTN line as all of the above costs are included in a quarterly cost and a fraction of the price.

Call for more details.

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