Intruder Systems

We always advise that; If you have a security system installed you should test the system at least weekly / fortnightly back to base / or to your mobile phones.

We know the loud siren can be quite off putting. But testing the zones through either back to base or back to your mobile will let you know that everything is working as it should be.

   Our technicians are highly trained and are able to test the system back to base with out any noise at all from the sirens.

This then provides information back to base of what zones were tested through, also if there were any short circuits or zones not working.

The back up battery will be tested on full load without any AC power.

The detectors would be cleaned and checked over with a multi meter.

A lot of security systems out there are of quite an old age. Some people even have had a security system installed maybe 10 - 15 years ago. 

If you are in this category then you really should arrange a service on the system.

By having a regular maintenance on the system, you are being pro-active and getting to the problems before they arise. There is nothing worse than an intrusion and they get away unscathed as the system didn't do its job.

Think about how you can make it as hard as possible for an intruder.

CCTV Systems

CCTV systems especially older analogue types will need regular servicing.

They may need re-focusing or cleaning or power supplies checked.

Actually make sure they are doing their job and recording.

We have come across a few sites where a new customer has asked us to complete a service on the camera system and we have found it hasn't recorded anything for a long time.

How often do you pay attention to systems that run autonomously?

Its not just Intruder systems and CCTV we service and Maintain.

We also service and maintain Intercoms, access control, home automation, networking systems plus many more.

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